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Walking Survey - Station Road 2016

  1. The Village is preparing to submit a Federal grant application to construct sidewalks along the full length of Station Road. In support of this application, the Village is collecting information about current walking/biking patterns along Station Road. Also relevant to the application is whether your walking/biking patterns would change if the sidewalk is actually built. Please take a moment to complete the short questionnaire below.
  3. I (We) walk/bike along Station Road*
    Include other members of your household when answering this question
  4. When I (we) walk/bike along Station Road, these are my (our) destinations
    (check all that apply)
  5. I (We) choose not to walk/bike along Station Road because
    (check all that apply)
  6. If there were a sidewalk along the full length of Station Road, I (we) would be more inclined to walk/bike to these destinations
    (check all that apply)
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