Zoning Board of Appeals

A quasi-judicial body that is charged with ruling on interpretations of the Zoning Code and requests for variances from the Zoning Code.  Meetings are held one evening per month and typically last 1 to 2 hours.

  • Sarah Gardner, Chairperson
  • Arthur Semetis
  • Rosemary Herbert
  • John Dimling
  • Kenneth Bernstein
  • Judd Harcsar, First Alternate
  • Charles Flock, Second Alternate
  •                 (Village Board liaison)

Annual Schedule

Preparing a Certified Mailing
The Irvington Village Code requires a certified mailing to neighbors of affected properties. To help complete this mailing, a tax parcel viewer application has been created. The application, hosted by the County of Westchester, allows for parcel identification by address and the creation of mailing labels for properties within a specified distance (typically 200 feet).