Community Forest Management Plan

Irvington WoodsAs part of the NYSDEC Urban and Community Forestry grant program, Irvington received funding to conduct a tree inventory and develop a management plan for The Irvington Woods. The $21,360 grant funded the project which was completed in April 2022.

The 2022 Community Forest Management Plan (CFMP) for Irvington Woods is the first such plan developed by the Village of Irvington.  Arborist Miguel Berrios of LBS Ecological worked closely with the Village of Irvington, its Recreation and Parks Department, and the O’Hara Nature Center to inventory the Woods and determine best management practices to improve forest health.

The CFMP will provide a clear direction to improve the Village's urban forest management efforts in the Woods. In recommending the most effective combination of site interventions for Irvington Woods, the project will enable improvements in native species diversity retention, invasive plant removal, evidence of the regeneration and growth of native tree species, and protection of the public via reduced risk from hazardous trees. A healthy, regenerating forest will improve quality of life, and deliver economic, social and health benefits.