What We Will Continue to Work on in 2023

Implementing Comprehensive Plan Recommendations

  • Implement aspects of the adopted Comprehensive Plan.
  • Address spatial constraints at the DPW and continue relocation investigations. 
  • Implement a public education effort on currently available tax and business advantages available in the Historic District and advantages of the Local Landmark and Adaptive Re-use of Historic Properties Laws for qualified properties.  

Budgeting Soundly and Delivering Services Efficiently

  • Review and enhance Village emergency preparedness, ensuring that climate resilience is considered.
  • Continue a system of performance reviews for all department heads to encourage active, two-way feedback.
  • Strengthen enforcement of the sidewalk maintenance law and focus on homeowner education.
  • Update the process for building/renovation permits and site approvals, including an examination of the role of each land use board. Focus efforts to remove barriers to climate-beneficial improvements such as ground and air source heat pumps and solar.
  • Commence and complete collective bargaining negotiations with the CSEA union

Improving the Downtown Business Environment and Economy

  • Complete infrastructure projects:
    • Advanced crosswalk technology.
    • South Astor Street station drop off and sidewalks
  • Expand on our reputation as a film friendly Village to continue to attract film opportunities.
  • Continue the placement of the approved design of way-finding signage throughout the Village.
  • Continue efforts, such as Slow Down Irvington and Walk Safe Irvington, focused on improving traffic and pedestrian safety through education, physical changes to roads, sidewalks and paths and the enforcement of these initiatives.

Supporting Sustainable Policies and Practices

  • Integrate municipal sustainable policies, practices and commitments for all municipal employees, including training and accountability. Provide status updates to the Board of Trustees periodically.
  • Encourage residential energy efficiency through communication, education and incentives.
  • Implement a curb-side residential food scraps program, while coordinating with the County.
  • Educate the public, new homeowners, realtors about sustainable landscaping. Incorporate these practices more completely into Village Public Works and Parks Departments.
  • Continue the multi-municipal effort to update the Climate Action Plan, including the establishment of long-term building and fleet efficiency goals.  Integrate the goals of the Climate Action Plan with all aspects of Village operations.

Continuing to be a Welcoming and Inclusive Community

  • Implement the recommendations from the Police Reform and Reimagining Plan. Define parameters of community/IPD joint committee.
  • Pursue the creation of a memorial to Enslaved Africans on South Buckhout Street.
  • Expand efforts to communicate to residents, workers and visitors in our Village that we value diversity of cultures, ideas, and traditions. Explore various ways to engage in active dialogue with a wide-range of individuals in the community on ways to move toward a fuller accomplishment of this goal. Consider village-supported events and ensure these values are reflected in village activities.
  • Encourage increased volunteerism on committees, boards and working groups. Periodically review the mission and work of volunteer committees and provide support as needed. Encourage the participation of a diverse group of residents.
  • Encourage residents' participation in the decision-making process and encourage residents to seek information through the Village’s e-mail, web site and social media platforms. Include outreach to the school population when appropriate.