What We Will Accomplish in 2022

  1. Publicize the regulations and the way to apply for conversion to In-Law Suites and Accessory Apartments. Publicize the availability of affordable units in, or soon to be in, Irvington.
  2. Plan for an expanded Fire House facility.
  3. Renovate the Irvington Town Hall Theater HVAC system to expand the use of ITHT during the summer. 
  4. Move forward with the Astor Gateway and Buckhout Street traffic circulation project.
  5. Plan for the construction of a stage in Matthiessen Park. Ensure that any development is resilient to climate change and sustainable.
  6. Apply for Climate Smart Communities Certification Silver Certification and complete Hi Impact actions for the Clean Energy Communities program.
  7. Review zoning treatment for swing sets and sheds.
  8. Form a committee of current business owners to work on initiatives to improve the Downtown Business District. Host listening sessions for business owners to voice their ideas, concerns, etc.
  9. Form a committee focused on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives for the village.