Detective Division

Detective Bureau: 914.591.3707

Lieutenant Kevin Johnson oversees the Village of Irvington's Detective Division which is lead day to day by Detective Sergeant Jean Marc Grolier. 

Officer Jon Nyarady is also assigned to the detective division.

Officer Nyarady has been assigned to the Greenburgh Drug and Alcohol Task Force and has dual responsibilities which include work for the Task Force and the Irvington Detective Bureau.

The Detective Bureau is the investigative arm of the Irvington Police Department.

This Bureau investigates the major crimes that occur in the Village.  Functions include: Criminal Investigations, Accident Investigations and Crime Scene Processing, Execution of Warrants, Maintenance of Warrant Files, Fingerprinting and Photographing of prisoners and maintenance of BCI files, and the supervision of all Evidence taken by the department and its movement .

Detective Sgt. Jean Marc Grolier

The Detective Division accommodates fingerprint requests from the public for employment, adoption processing, licensing etc. We will not fingerprint for immigration records.

All requests for fingerprints require an appointment.
Please contact the Division at 914.591.8080.

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