Feedback: Use of Astor Street Parking Lot

The Village of Irvington is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan (originally adopted in 2003).  The updated Plan will help chart the direction of the Village for the next ten years or more.  To accomplish this, earlier this year, the Board of Trustees assembled a group of nearly 40 volunteers who held approximately 2 dozen meetings over a period of 8 weeks.  They produced a list of 50 recommendations to be incorporated into the updated Comprehensive Plan.  Those recommendations addressed such topics as: The Downtown; Code Modernization; Historic Irvington; and the Broadway Corridor.
This email highlights one of the more significant recommendations: Using the parking lot at the corner of Main Street and North Astor Street (“Astor Lot”) for parking other than commuter parking.
Currently, the Village owns the Astor Lot which contains 25 parking spaces.  Those parking spaces are managed by Metro-North and are used as permit parking for train commuters.  The recommendation is to study whether to continue this use or utilize the Astor Lot in some other way.  The recommendation also includes a suggestion that an additional parking deck could be constructed on top of the existing Astor Lot.
Please consider helping us evaluate this recommendation.  We have set up a short survey to gather feedback on this recommendation. The survey is here: SURVEY CLOSED
View Survey Feedback (PDF)