Working Groups

Downtown Working Group
Co-Chairs: Janice Silverberg, Larry Lonky
Revitalized Business District
The goals and desires for the Village’s business district should be reviewed and studied. What should the character of the business district be?

Vision for Lower Main Street
Develop vision for DPW facility area and lower Main Street.  A vision plan should be put together.

Parking Garage
Identify areas in the Village that would be acceptable for the construction of a parking garage.

Code Modernization Working Group
Co-Chairs: Janice Silverberg, Rocco Rasulo
Updated Multi-Family (MF) Zone
Many believe the MF zone is outdated and not responsive to modern multi-family developments.  This should be looked at.

Updating Environmental Provisions of the Village Code
(e.g., steep slopes, wetlands and watercourse).

Code Modernization
Be sure the code appropriately handles new 21st century creations, like Air BnB and Uber/Lyft, etc. 

Historic Irvington Working Group
Co-Chairs: Connie Kehoe, Bruce Clark
Historic Character
Review Comprehensive Plan to ensure that references to historic character are reflected appropriately through the plan.

Historic District
Properly reflect the establishment of the Historic District within the Comprehensive Plan.

Local Landmarks
Establish a goal of protecting local landmarks.

Review and consider updating the code as it pertains to the use of properties as museums.

Preservation of Historically Significant properties
Review ways to encourage large, historically significant properties to remain intact.

Encourage Adaptive Reuse of Significant Buildings
Maybe also look at provisions to address adaptive reuse of significant buildings.  Bonuses for adaptive reuse / historic preservation, etc?

Broadway Corridor Working Group
Co-Chairs: Brian Smith, Patrick Natarelli
Broadway Character
Establish goals related to the character of Broadway (i.e., primarily residential, mix of residential and commercial, etc).

Complete Streets Goal
The village needs to adopt a complete streets policy. Although it may be unrealistic to have all roads conform to a new complete streets policy given space constraints, the goal should be formalized. Future roads, both public and private, should contain all of the necessary pedestrian and bicycle safety amenities and conveniences and a plan to address existing roads should be put together.