Traffic Calming Committee

Our Goals

  • Improve driver behavior, attention, courtesy, and compliance with traffic laws
  • Promote safe and pleasant conditions for residents, motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists on neighborhood streets
  • Encourage citizens to be directly involved in neighborhood traffic management activities
  • Provide a liaison between residents and village officials regarding traffic issues
Slow Down Irvington


To augment the safety work of the Board, the Police Department and the Village administration, the Board of Trustees has established a small Traffic Calming working group of residents - plus a Trustee to act as liaison between that team and the Board - to address road-safety issues. Membership consists of individuals from different neighborhoods and thus with varying perspectives.

Outreach will be undertaken by the working group to village neighborhoods to recruit volunteer neighborhood representatives to help gather input on issues and concerns relative to each neighborhood, as well as disseminate outreach materials and organize local neighborhood activities.

The Traffic Calming working group will coordinate with the police Department as necessary and appropriate, as well as with other relevant organizations, such as Irvington United for Education (Pace Car initiative) or other organizations both inside and outside Irvington who could provide services beneficial to traffic-calming.

The safety group is charged with three core responsibilities:

  • determine the main types and geographic areas for safety improvements in Irvington
  • research possible ways in which safety could be improved and identify those that would be valuable to Irvington
  • distill that information into a series of initiatives for the Board to consider, submitting such recommendations by Dec 15, 2015


  • Walter Montgomery
  • Mary Beth Dooley
  • Erik Oley
  • Alice Picon
  • Mark Gilliland (Village Board liaison)

At their first organizational meeting, the working group declared itself "Traffic Calming Irvington" (TCI).

Contact TCI

For questions, concerns or to volunteer, please email Traffic Calming Irvington (TCI).

Like us on Facebook: Slow Down Irvington

To report unsafe driving, call the Police Department at 914-591-8080 with the license number of the offending vehicle.

Initial Recommendations to the Board of Trustees

The group known as Traffic Calming Irvington (TCI) began its work in July of this year with a mandate from the Board of Trustees to support their efforts to make Irvington as safe as they can for drivers and pedestrians, a goal essential in its own right yet also vital to protecting and enhancing the special quality of life in our Village.

The Board has undertaken initiatives to strengthen enforcement of traffic laws and improve sidewalks and other features of our roadways that affect safety. TCI’s purpose is to complement those endeavors by building awareness among drivers and pedestrians of how they can contribute to the Board’s goal, and by recommending specific actions the Village can take to achieve it.

Please see the following Initial Recommendations (PDF).

Resources for Community Use

Here are some initiative files that are available for use, reprint and/or modification:

TCI Goals - .doc file (PDF)

TCI Goals - .pdf file (PDF)

Slow Down Irvington logo (300dpi) - .jpg (PDF)

Slow Down RIP footer for documents or presentations - .png (PDF)

TCI icons (set of 14 .png files) - .zip archive (PDF)

Slow Down initiative hand card (2 sided) - .pdf (PDF)

Slow Down poster 8.5"x11" - .pdf (PDF)

Slow Down poster 11"x17" - .pdf (PDF)

Slow Down banner 3'x6' - .pdf (PDF)

Slow Zone yard sign 18"x24" - .pdf (PDF)

Please note that the following items are available for free in village hall:

  • TCI Initiative Hand Cards
  • Slow Zone Yard Signs
  • Slow Zone Posters
  • Bumper Stickers

Contact Village Administrator's office for additional info as to how/where to pick up.