Leaf Pickup

The Irvington DPW does not pickup loose leaves curbside. Residents will be required to bag leaves in biodegradable paper bags or open containers for collection as outlined below.

Options for Leaf Disposal

Option #1 - Mulch Mow

A growing environmental movement is sweeping the county. It's called Love 'Em and Leave 'Em! Mulch mowing pulverizes leaves and feeds your lawn and garden. More information can be found at WWW.LELENY.ORG.

Option #2 - Bag/Can

The Irvington DPW will pick up leaves when collected in biodegradable paper yard waste bags or containers. It is recommended that if you use a container, it should be open to allow the Village employee to easily determine that it is yard waste and not regular garbage. The container must be clearly marked "Yard Waste" or "Leaves". Materials must be placed curbside and not in the roadway. Pickup will occur throughout the week.

Option #3 - Transport

Landscapers and gardeners can transport and dispose of leaves and yard waste collected on your property. This is highly effective for larger properties that generate large amounts of leaves and yard waste.

The Law

Collection of leaves and yard waste is governed by Chapter 178 of the Village Code entitled Solid Waste. That Chapter was most recently modified on June 16, 2014 (PDF) to eliminate the curbside pickup of loose leaves and yard waste, along with several other technical amendments to the Solid Waste code.