Theater Manager

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85 Main Street

Irvington, NY 10533

Job Title: Theater Manager

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Lawrence Schopfer
Village Administrator
85 Main Street
Irvington, NY 10533

The Irvington Town Hall Theater

The Irvington Town Hall Theater is a 432 seat, Proscenium Theater built in 1902 and renovated in 1980. The theater presents an award winning film series, is rented for performances of dance, music, and theater including a resident nonprofit theater company and other groups for non-performance purposes. Almost all of the $90,000 of annual income is from rentals and ticket sales with a small percentage of funding from the Village.

Position Overview / General Summary

The Theater Manager of the Irvington Town Hall Theater (“ITHT” and “theater”) in the Village of Irvington, NY (“Village”) oversees all aspects of the day-to-day running of the theater to sustain it as a welcoming and vibrant space for audiences and to generate rental and revenue for the theater. This part-time, salaried position reports to a five-person Village Commission (“the Commission”) and to the Village Administrator.

Essential Job Functions / Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Renting and scheduling of Theater
  • Developing new business
  • Financial management, reporting, and administration
  • Managing staff: box office, ushers, and part time technicians and stage hands
  • Overseeing general operations marketing, and outreach i.e., social media
  • Communicating with Village officials and the Commission

Other Skills/Abilities

  • Interpersonal Skills: able to work easily with and motivate others
  • Organization: keep clear and accessible records in electronic and hardcopy form
  • Negotiation: ability to reach agreements and manage long-term relationships
  • Promotion: market the theater to stakeholders, potential renters and donors
  • Computer/Technology: expertise in on-line ticketing programs, Microsoft Word and Excel, Quickbooks accounting software
  • Understanding of the booking process
  • Ability to identify and attract talent
  • Knowledge of performances suitable for a 432 seat theater in Irvington, NY
  • Experience applying for grants is a plus
  • Ability to sell sponsorships is highly desirable
  • Education/Experience: a degree in Arts Management or comparable experience a plus

Hours and Compensation

  • 30 hours per week
  • Competitive salary based on experience and ability

Theater Manager — Selected Descriptions of Duties and Responsibilities

Office Management, Scheduling & Renting Theater Space, Developing New Business

  • Maintain the master calendar for the theater.
  • Supervise administrative and volunteer personnel.
  • Oversee management of the theater.
  • Manage rental of the theater and certain assets.
  • Communicate with rental groups about: contract signing, collection and return of security deposits, and securing copies of insurance. Other details include technical requirements and logistics such as: opening, load-in, load-out, closing, and securing the theater.
  • Negotiate and execute agreements and contracts on behalf of the theater, in consultation with the Commission.
  • Rent the theater for uses consistent with the interest of the Village, the mayor and trustees, and Village residents. This includes determining each event’s needs such as technical-equipment or musical-instrument rentals.
  • Promote the theater’s use.
  • Identify new renters, promoters, and resources to build theater awareness.
  • Develop new income streams such as rental, self-production, and fundraising.

Financial Management, Reporting, and Administration

  • Oversee the integrity of theater information given to the Village and input to the Village’s systems.
  • Monitor and update theater finances including all transactions, budgets, payroll, and reconciliation of multiple accounts.
  • Supervise the successful preparation of annual reports by working closely with the Commission and Village employees.
  • Work with the Commission and select Village staff on capital purchase decisions; maintain capital purchase schedules and reports.

Managing The Box Office, Ushering Staff, and Seasonal Workers

  • Supervise appropriate box office systems and reporting.
  • Recruit, Train, and supervise the theater’s front office.
  • Maintain and keep the theater mailing list current.
  • Promote theater events website, in printed & e-mailed calendars, and posters.
  • Distribute press releases to local and regional newspapers, magazines, web sites, social media, and e-mail blasts.

Facilities/General Operations / Technology

  • Apprise the Commission and the Village of the condition of the building and required maintenance. The Theater Manager oversees the theater’s physical plant, including safety, security, temperature and facilities.
  • Manage maintenance and capital improvements.
  • Work with the Commission to address the theater’s facilities needs.
  • Ensure the theater’s compliance with municipal legislation and regulations;
  • Manage required external hires, in-house technical staff, and some volunteers.
  • Ensure that theater equipment is in good condition and make arrangements for maintenance and repair.

Commission and Village Communication

  • Attend Commission meetings and provide monthly reports.
  • Attend Village meetings, providing reports and budget proposals in consultation and coordination with the Commission.
  • Implement Commission and Village policies and directives.
  • Participate with the Commission in long-term strategic planning, including the creation of long-term financial and administrative goals.


The Irvington Town Hall Theater was built in 1902 and patterned after the Ford Theater in Washington, DC. It is a multipurpose venue located on the entire third floor of the municipal Town Hall in Irvington, New York, a “Rivertown” approximately 25 miles from New York City. This 432-seat theater features an orchestra, mezzanine, balcony, six gold leafed boxes, a proscenium stage and thrust. There are five dressing rooms backstage. The theater is listed on the national Register of Historic Places.

After refurbishment in the late 1970’s, the ITHT Commission was established in 1980 by the Village of Irvington to operate and manage the theater. The Mayor and Trustees appoint this five-member group. The annual calendar and capital improvements are the direct responsibility of the Commission, whose long-range goals include the installation of air conditioning to permit year-round theater use.

From 1980 to the present the ITHT has been the venue for performances by diverse artists and performance groups including local theater groups, the Clocktower Players, a high quality children’s theater program, self-produced events such as the “Best of” Film Series that was conceived and executed by members of the Commission, and performances by artists such as Judy Collins and Art Garfunkel. The theater also plays host to corporate and social events.

The ITHT is funded chiefly through rentals of the space and voluntary contributions to the Theater Building Fund.

The Commission and the ITHT enjoy a constructive relationship with Village residents, local businesses, the Mayor, and Trustees. The theater has become a centerpiece of community life for residents of Irvington and beyond.