Earl Ferguson - 2012

On September 19, 2012, Mayor Brian Smith, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, presented the Adele Warnock Good Citizenship award for 2012 to Earl Ferguson, a man whose name is synonymous with History: Earl Ferguson.

In her recent letter to the Board of Trustees graciously nominating Earl for this award, Barbara Denyer correctly pointed out that anytime there is a concern about a delicate piece of architecture or an endangered historic site, we, as a Village, turn to Earl.  And Mrs. Denyer is exactly right!  Personally, anytime I have reached out to Earl, he responded with careful thought and deep insight, not just from his many years of experience but from his true love of this Village and its history.

Besides being a highly respected and successful historic preservation architect, let me run down Earl’s extensive and impressive list of civic involvement.

  • He is a Director of the Irvington Landmark Preservation Inc., sponsoring Historic Landmark preservation and restoration projects in the Village of Irvington.
  • He is a Member of the Irvington Historical Society.  He was the Architect of record for the renovation of the McVickar House, one of the oldest houses in Irvington and now the home of the Irvington History Center.
  • He is Co-Chairman of the Historic District Committee.
  • He is an Advisor to the Tiffany Room Committee for the restoration of the Tiffany Reading Room in Town Hall.
  • He is a Member of the Business Improvement Committee advocating for Irvington’s business district.

And that’s just what he is involved with TODAY!  He also served as:

  • Chairman of the Irvington 2000 Committee for land use policies regarding development of Main Street and the Waterfront in the 1990s.
  • Chairman of the Architectural Review Board for ten years.
  • Member of the Citizens Advisory Group for the renovation of the Town Hall in 2004.