Fundraising And Community Events (F.A.C.E.)

The mission of the FACE Committee is to raise funds needed to restore programs and events that have been precluded from the Parks and Recreation’s budget. These programs and events affect All Residents from Seniors to Toddlers. Through community events and various other methods of fundraising, we hope to be able to assist all the activities in need.  


  • Robert Grados, Co-Chair
  • Francis O'Shea, Co-Chair
  • Tanya Hunt
  • Jen Monnes
  • Ray Ovetsky
  • Rocco Rasulo
  • Kristy Schmitt
  • Tracy Birkhahn
  • Stephanie Maniscalo
  • Wayne Paternack
  • JF Berry
  • Angela Thornton
  • Joe Archino
  • Larry Lonky  (Village Board liaison)

If you are interested in joining this or any other Village committee, please contact Village Administrator Lawrence Schopfer at or 914-591-4358.