Tiffany Reading Room Restoration Project

The Tiffany Reading Room, which opened in 1902, is located in the Town Hall.   Decorated with original Tiffany glass light fixtures and mosaic tiles, inscribed woodwork and Arts and Crafts furniture, the room served as the Village’s main reading and reference room for almost a century.  With the generous donations of many citizens and countless hours of donated time from a dedicated group of volunteers, the room underwent a thorough restoration concluding in 2012.

Irvington’s reading room is relatively rare, as a well-preserved secular interior designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the well-known artist, decorator and glassmaker.  Louis Tiffany was the son of Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, a long-time resident of both New York City and Irvington, who owned an estate on the site of the present Matthiessen Park.   Charles Tiffany was a trustee of the village Mental and Moral Improvement Society, which donated the property on which the Town Hall was built, with the provision that the building include a free reading room that would be open to the public in perpetuity.

The Tiffany Room is now open to the public Monday through Friday (9AM – 4PM), for quiet reading, study, and small-group meetings (with prior reservations).  For more information, please call the Irvington Public Library at (914) 591-7840.

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