2010-11 Priorities

Set forth below are the priorities of the Village of Irvington for fiscal year 2010-11.  This is not intended as an exhaustive list of matters we hope to address as there are many operational and ongoing matters that have not been listed. However, this list is intended to focus the Board and staff on issues of importance.
  1. Budget - Continue quarterly reviews and early start on the budget process. Focus on items requiring long range planning, including potential departmental efficiencies (enlisting the CBC to help), the capital budget and debt and water fund deficit reduction.
  2. Consider ways to simplify and improve the building and renovation approval process and update certain aspects of the building and zoning code. This may involve implementation of the Mayor's advisory task force.
  3. Complete the Fire House study and consider plans and financing for long-range implementation.
  4. Complete the Dam and Storm Water / Flood studies and consider plans and financing for long-range implementation.
  5. As a means of revitalizing the downtown area (Main Street and the waterfront) consider implementation of the historic district and streetscape requirements. We have a wide range of options from recommended best practices to mandatory preservation. Determine where on the spectrum the Board and community can find comfort.
  6. Complete the study and develop a long range plan for Village Hall repairs, with particular attention to those repairs necessary to enable the Tiffany Room project to go forward.
  7. Complete and implement the revised waterfront zoning district.
  8. Address the affordable housing requirements of the County settlement by local regulation, incentives, a long-term project or otherwise.
  9. Complete the PBA Union Contract, if it is not completed in this fiscal year.
  10. Finish the construction and financing of the nature center.
  11. Update the sign and tree codes. Focus on the critical sign issues identified by the Building Department, ARB and Chamber of Commerce rather than conducting a review of all signs. Similarly, implement critical changes in the tree code identified in conversations between the Village Administrator and representatives of the Tree Committee.
  12. Consider long-range facilities requirements for DPW.
  13. Support initiatives promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. Consider proposals in the original energy contract with short-term paybacks (as we are contemplating with radio water meters). Through the Volunteer Sustainability Coordinators seek ways to promote environmental and energy efficiency among our residents (for example, composting and additional recycling).
  14. Continue to pursue reassessment at the Town level to promote tax fairness.
  15. Complete 2009/10 Capital Budget Projects including: Fargo Lane drainage repairs, acquisition of parks maintenance equipment, sewer pump station backup generators, repairs to both water tanks and water meter radio installation.
  16. Complete Hazard Mitigation Plan and Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan in conjunction with Greenburgh and its villages.