2009-10 Priorities

First Tier Priorities
  1. Budget - Monitor the 09/10 budget (operating and capital) by conducting quarterly reviews commencing September 16.   Begin the process of budgeting for the 10/11 operating and capital budget in September.  Engage the CBC in the operating and capital budget process and focus them on certain key areas such as long term capital requirements, debt reduction and the water department. Pursue shared services opportunities with neighboring communities and the school district.
  2. Union Agreements - Conclude the CSEA and PBA negotiations within budgeted parameters.
  3. Village Administrator's Agreement - Conclude the negotiation of the long term agreement for Village Administrator on terms satisfactory to the Village and Mr. Schopfer.
  4. Greenburgh Water and East Irvington Fire Protection - Conclude the negotiations with Greenburgh regarding: (i) outstanding expenses that Greenburgh claims Irvington owes for the construction of the Rumford pump station and provision of water; and (ii) fire coverage provided by the Irvington Fire Department for East Irvington.  An outcome favorable to Irvington on these items can have a significant positive impact on Village finances.
  5. Waterfront Rezoning - Complete the process of rezoning the waterfront, including conducting public hearings, consulting outside experts and preparing modified business district zoning regulations reflecting input received during the process.
  6. Storm Water and Fire House Studies - Complete the Storm Water and Fire House studies included in the capital budget and apply for available grants, if any.  To the extent recommendations are adopted by the Board, develop a long term capital plan for implementation.
  7. Nature Center - Complete the nature center plans and construction in a manner that preserves the grant and incorporates the proposed program requirements and green aspects.
  8. Promote Local Commerce - Implement certain Irvington Business Improvement Committee recommendations, including farmers market, Mayor’s business advisory task force (“MAT”) and development of regulations pertaining to sidewalk dining and vending and signs. The MAT will also make recommendations to streamline the building approval process. We are waiting for parking related recommendations from IBIC.
  9. Sustainability - Support environmental initiatives, including those of the Volunteer Sustainability Coordinators, tree protection and replenishment and walkable communities.
  10. Theater Repairs - Replace the Town Hall Theater rigging.
  11. Irvington Dam - Complete the study of the dam and the budgeted valve repair.
  12. Cable Franchise Agreement - Finalize the Cablevision franchise agreement.
Second Tier Priorities
  • Historic Preservation - Consider defining the boundaries of an Irvington Historic District and the implications of those boundaries. Promote historic buildings in connection with item 8 above.
    Land Use Issues - Monitor the situations at Columbia/Nevis and Halsey Pond.
  • Utility Poles - Work with the utilities to have extra utility poles removed and to resolve the proposed aerial wires along Cyrus Field Road. This item is being pursued through the Village Officials Committee and will most likely take several years to conclude as a result of utility budget shortfalls.
  • Code Amendments - In addition to the code amendments referenced above in items 8 and 5, there are a number of other code corrections that merit our attention. These include the tree code and indemnity provisions.
  • Reassessment - Continue to pursue reassessment at the Town and County level to promote tax fairness. Consider hosting a reassessment hearing at which representatives of various government agencies and committees, as well as local residents, can be he ard on the subject.
  • Policies, Procedures and Goals - Develop written procedures for departments, as required.  Prepare long term goals for each Village Department and Committee.
  • Village Hall Preservation - When the RFP is prepared for exterior work on Village Hall include the entire exterior envelope (windows and doors) so that the documents can be used for grant applications.
  • DPW Facility Requirements -  To the extent not included in the determination of the Village’s long term capital planning, commence the process of determining DPW facility requirements, including the central garage, storage and compost areas.
  • Recreational Amenities - With the guidance of the Recreation and Parks Committee, consider implementing a dog park and improving the kayak access and storage on the waterfront.