Energy Performance Contract

On November 5, 2008, the Irvington Board of Trustees approved an energy and performance contract that will implement certain energy and operational efficiencies that will result in savings of nearly $3,967,497 over 15 years. The contract with engineering firm Wendel Energy Services, LLC of Amherst, New York provides for improvements to village buildings and equipment, including the replacement of water customers' meters. The total cost of these improvements, including interest on the associated financing, will be $3,574,957 over 15 years, or an overall net savings of $392,540.

For accounting purposes, the overall net savings of $392,540 is broken down into two operating funds. The Village General Operating Fund is allocated a net cost of $106,052 or an average of $7,070 per year for 15 years ($18,223 in the first year). The Water Fund is allocated a net savings of $498,592 or an average of $33,239 per year for 15 years.

"In addition to the financial savings, this project represents a significant investment in the future sustainability of our community and is just the type of project that the Irvington Climate Protection Task Force envisioned in their recently released report," Irvington Mayor Nicola Coddington commented.

Irvington Climate Protection Task Force chairperson Anne Jaffe Holmes noted, "a significant amount of time was spent by the Task Force to identify ways that our local village government could become more energy efficient. I am pleased that our local elected officials have placed a priority on saving energy and becoming more efficient."The project consists of the installation of energy efficient lighting and heating controls, replacement of boilers, windows, and roofs, upgrades to sewer pump stations, and the replacement of water customers' meters in order to properly bill for previously unbilled water usage. Commencing in December 2008, the project construction is expected to last one year.