Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing in Irvington

There are, at present, two properties which include affordable rental units: The Burnham Building, located at 2 Main Street, and Hudson Views at Irvington, located at 1 South Astor Street. Anyone interested in renting an affordable apartment should contact the following individual(s) for more information:

Burnham Building
2 Main Street
Irvington NY, 10533
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Contact: Mark Vasquez
Email Mark Vasquez
Phone: 646-564-3829

Hudson Views
1 South Astor Street
Irvington, NY 10533
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Contact: Sylvia Denardo
Email Sylvia Denardo
Phone: 914-484-7548

Westchester County Homeseeker

Westchester County offers a service for individuals interested in affordable housing opportunities throughout Westchester. If you would like to learn more about the qualifications for, and location of, affordable units, or wish to be notified of available or upcoming offering of fair and affordable homes, visit the Westchester County Homeseeker site. The site features an interactive map with information about affordable rental and purchase opportunities around Westchester County.