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October 30, 2015
Leaf Pickup

Since we are in the midst of the Fall season and the leaves are coming down, I wanted to remind you that the Village will not be picking up loose leaves.  This was a new policy implemented by the Board last year.

Also as a reminder, here are some alternatives for picking up or disposing of leaves:

Option #1 - Mulch Mow
Many residents and our own Parks Department have been mulching for years with great results.  In fact, the Irvington “Love 'Em and Leave 'Em” program has received awards and has been a model for Westchester County and beyond!  Mulch mowing pulverizes leaves and feeds your lawn and garden.  More information can be found at WWW.LELENY.ORG.  

Option #2 - Bag/Can
The Village of Irvington will continue to pick up leaves when collected in biodegradable paper yard waste bags or containers.  It is recommended that if you use a container, it should be open to allow the Village employee to easily determine that it is yard waste and not regular garbage. The container must be clearly marked "Yard Waste" or "Leaves".  Materials must be placed curbside and not in the roadway.  Pickup will occur throughout the week.

Option #3 - Transport
Landscapers and gardeners can transport and dispose of leaves and yard waste collected on your property.  This is highly effective for larger properties that generate large amounts of leaves and yard waste.

Multi-Family Zoning Regulations

At our regular Board meeting scheduled for this Monday, November 2, 2015 at 7PM, we will be conducting a public hearing to consider changes to our Multi-Family zoning regulations.  The changes were proposed by the owner of 30-40 South Broadway (DeNardo Development Corp) and are designed to improve and modernize the types of developments that can be built in any of our Multi-Family districts.  The Board has worked hard on these new regulations over the past 9 months.  Please take a few moments to review the details ( and attend the public hearing to voice any concerns or comments you may have.  Or, if you cannot attend the public hearing, feel free to email your comments to Lawrence Schopfer, Village Administrator at .

LED Streetlights

You will begin to notice some changes to our streetlights in the coming weeks.  The Board has contracted with Lumen Lighting Solutions to replace all high pressure sodium streetlights with high efficiency LED bulbs.  While the new bulbs have a somewhat brighter/colder color temperature compared to the warm, yellow glow of the old sodium bulbs, the more significant change is that we will be saving approximately 50% of our electricity bill.  This translates to approximately $40,000 in annual cost savings.  

Dreamworks – Girl on the Train

At our October 19, 2015 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the issuance of a filming permit to Dreamworks Studios for filming in various locations for their upcoming feature film Girl on the Train.  The film will be staring Justin Theroux, Emily Blunt, and Haley Bennet among others.  Several Irvington locations will be featured prominently in this movie such as our Town Hall, the Ardsley-on-Hudson railroad station, the Station Road tunnel, the Irvington Public Library and the Irvington Woods.  Filming will take place starting in mid-November and will wrap up in early January.  There are approximately 8 days of filming during that time period along with several days of preparation.  I assure you that as each of the filming operations approaches, we will circulate important information that may pertain to possible traffic or service disruptions.  Please join me in welcoming these visitors to our town.  They can see the beauty of our little village and they have fallen in love with it!


One final thought on Halloween: If you have to drive in the Main Street area tomorrow, please be extra alert for trick-or-treaters.  The area will be very busy so please consider walking, parking in our churches or in the lot at the top of the hill across Broadway.  Our goal is for a safe, fun Halloween for everyone.

I hope to see you around the Village: I will be trick-or-treating with my son on Main Street tomorrow and at Carrie the Musical at the Town Hall Theater tonight – please say hello.  Lastly, never hesitate to contact me with thoughts and concerns.

Brian C. Smith, Mayor