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November 7, 2012

Power Restoration in Irvington

I am happy to report that we have two crews on Park Road as well as two crews on Belmont Avenue in Ardsley Park. I have also been told there are four crews in the Sunnyside area but we believe that is for a Tarrytown power issue.  This is excellent news, and I am hopeful that we will get the majority of our remaining outages on today, there are currently less than 90.  Working against us is that we have many scattered outages, as of 10am this morning, we have many areas experiencing power outages, the vast majority being single outages:

35  Main Street

Leafwood (Multiple)

Ardsley Ave (1)

Lewis Road (Multiple)

Barney Park (Multiple)

North Broadway (Multiple)

Belmont Dr (2)

Oak Street (1)

Castle Road (Multiple)

Osceola (1)

Circle Dr (1)

Palliser (Multiple)

Daisy (Multiple)

Park Road (Multiple)

Deep Hollow Close (1)

Parkside Way (1)

Dows La (1)

S Astor (1)

El Retiro La (Multiple)

S Cottenet/ N Cottenet / Main Street (3 total)

Havemeyer Rd (1)

Shady Lane (2)

Hermits Road (Multiple)

Shaw La (1)

Hugh Hill La (1)

Station Road (1)

Hugh Villa (1)

Washington Ave (2)

Langdon Dr (1)

West Sunnyside (1)


We realize that we are on the clock versus the impending storm.  It is important to remember that it is possible to temporarily lose power during the restoration process as they have to turn off the power to make repairs.  We continue to push ConEd until the last resident is restored.

As I mentioned yesterday, if you are still without power and are looking for a place to stay, please contact me at If you have offered your home, I will contact you if the need arises.  Thank you for all the generous offers.

9 to 5 This Weekend at the Town Hall Theater– You need the laughs!

The Clocktower Players, the resident troop of the Irvington Town Hall Theater, is presenting the musical comedy 9 to 5 this weekend.  It will be a hysterically funny and the talented cast will make you forget about your damaged fence and cold toes – at least for a few hours!  Get details and tickets at  - you will be happy you did. 

Canceled Movie Tonight

The movie tonight "Side by Side" scheduled for tonight at the Irvington Town Hall Theater is cancelled due to the impending storm.   Any tickets sold will be honored at an upcoming movie of their choice.

Brian C. Smith