Climate Protection Task Force


The primary mission of the Climate Protection Task Force is to research and recommend to the Board of Trustees actions and policies that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in order to protect the viability of the community and to protect public health, safety, and welfare. Recommended actions and policies could concern government operations and/or community activities affected by government policies and infrastructure. A secondary mission is to recommend actions and policies that would help the Village prepare for and adapt to climate change impacts.

Since public awareness and behavior are expected to be important to the success of this effort, as part of its recommendations the Task Force will identify needs and opportunities for public education and outreach.


Government operations: Reducing use of fossil fuels in Village-owned buildings and vehicles; increased use of renewable energy; environmentally preferable purchasing policy; etc.

Community activities: Reducing number of Vehicle Miles Traveled by encouraging transportation alternatives such as walking, bicycling, or ride sharing, or by promoting a “Buy Local First” policy; reducing waste by increasing participation in and convenience of recycling; revising building codes to encourage green/energy efficient building; etc.


Up to eleven members nominated and appointed by the Board of Trustees. In addition to residents, the Task Force should include at least one representative from a local business and one representative from the Irvington Union Free School District.

Members will be actively recruited from the community. Once constituted, the Task Force will elect a Chairperson. The Task Force is proposed as an ad hoc committee, and as such, there is no defined membership term.

The Task Force will have a Trustee liaison appointed by the Mayor who will serve ex-officio on the Task Force.


The Task Force will conduct public meetings on a regular basis and will keep minutes of those meetings.

To the extent possible, the Task Force will assign member volunteers to attend meetings of other Village boards and committees that may be related to their mission, such as (but not limited to) the Environmental Conservation Board, Transportation Committee, and Planning Board.


In July 2008, the Task Force presented a report (PDF) for the Board of Trustees.

In October 2008, the Village Staff presented a summary review (PDF) of the Climate Protection Task Force Report to the Board of Trustees.