Project Status

The following major projects are currently underway. This page will be updated to reflect current information about schedules, road closures, or any other important information.

Halsey Pond Park Dam Repairs

The area immediately in front of the Halsey Pond Park Dam is being reconstructed to create a channel for water to flow out of the pond. As of April 2019, considerable work is being done to make that happen.  Although the park remains open, users of the park should avoid the areas where construction is taking place and be aware of construction vehicles driving through the park. Work is expected to continue through May 2019.

Walkway Construction at the Ardsley-on-Hudson train station

The Village and Mercy College partnered on the construction of a pedestrian walkway along Hudson Road West, near the Ardsley-on-Hudson train station. The pathway was opened in the fall of 2018, but some final work needs to be completed. Pedestrians should exercise care as they pass by areas under construction.

Hudson View Park Culvert

The Village will be undertaking a major project to replace a culvert beneath Hudson Avenue near the intersection with East Sunnyside Lane. Contract details are being finalized with the contractor. Work should proceed during late spring and over the summer. Schedule details will be posted as the project progresses.