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Things to Tell Your Clients

  • This helps me keep my costs down, which keeps my fees down.
  • You will need less fertilizer because the leaf mulch breaks down and fertilizes the soil.
  • It's better for the environment because we won't need to drive so many vehicles to pick up all the leaves.
  • It will be quieter because we use our blowers less.
  • It's safer because there will be fewer leaf piles in the roadways.
  • You'll end up with a better lawn because leaf mulch improves soil structure.
  • It also helps improve drainage.
  • Testimonials

"I've been mulching leaves for at least 20 years and the soil you create by doing this is unlike any other. Leaf mulch is more nutritional and safer for your property. Most commercial mulch is the by-product of dead trees - who knows what they died of? Leaf mulch comes directly from your property and does not contain any foreign elements." - David Duarte, Five Brothers Landscaping

 "I started mulching leaves last year (2010) and saved $400 a week in overtime, plus more than $1,000 a week in tipping fees. Mulching leaves on site is so much faster and more efficient. And it's good for the soil." Sean Ryan, Ryan & Ryan Landscaping. 

"I have been mulching leaves for the past 3 years. What inspired me was the impact to the environment, the time savings and money savings that results from this method," - Anthony Vulpone, Vulpone Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance.

We try to never remove leaves from clients' properties. I mulch 100% of the leaves on my properties, although 70% is acceptable, if you have tough conditions like steep slopes or rocks. The new equipment for landscapers really has made this possible. You can perform the same autumn cleaning in the same or less time as the regular weekly grass cutting time and that's it. You never touch those leaves again. Plus it leaves the leaves where they should be - providing nutrition to the soil," - Aesthetic Landscape Care Inc.,Tim Downey. 

Landscapers Who Provide LELE Services

Ryan & Ryan Landscaping (914) 693-0015 ("First year mulching 2010 and I can't believe I didn't do it earlier - I saved almost $1,500 a week in overtime and tipping fees.")

A. Vulpone Landscaping (914) 755-1121 ("It's so much more efficient than removing leaves. It's better for the lawns and the flower beds too.")

Aesthetic Landscape Care, Tim Downey (914) 478-7320. (Changed to mulching-on-site 10 years ago. Now works closely with Irvington GPTF to help spread the word.)

David Duarte, Five Brothers Landscaping (914) 490-4123 ("It's the right way to go for the environment and makes sense financially too.")

Let us know if you mulch leaves on site and don't remove them from your clients' properties - we'll be happy to add your name to our list. Email us at .

Landscaper Videos

Anthony Vulpone (condo property maintenance & equipment demo)

Chris DePaoli (Irv. Parks Dept.)

Tim Downey (learning to deal with leaves as a landscaper)

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